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It’s Time to Claim Your Budweiser Royalty Utility!

If you hold a Rare or Ultra Rare Budweiser Royalty NFT, it’s time to officially connect with your artist. From a Discord listening party to a 1:1 video call with your emerging artist, you’ll get exclusive access based on the tier of your NFT. Be sure to connect your wallet by April 8, 2022 to redeem.

Frequently Asked Questions

3/27 NFT Beerfest

  • Event access is free with a Budweiser Heritage Can or Royalty Collection NFT
  • Each Budweiser NFT gets you one entry to NFT Beerfest; to bring a +1 you'll need two NFTs, to bring +9 you’ll need ten NFTs, etc.
  • All attendees (including guests) must be 21+; IDs will be checked at the door for all attendees
  • Guests of NFT holders: each guest must correspond to a Budweiser NFT and be accompanied by that NFT’s holder (non-transferrable to the guest)
  • Please refer to our STL Brewery COVID Policy for our COVID-19 policies and protocols on-site.
  • Each guest is responsible for getting to and from the event. Travel and accommodations are not covered by Anheuser-Busch

Beer.eth Merch

The claim window will close on Sunday March 13 at 11:59pm EST; those who submit the necessary information and are still holding their NFT(s) at that time will be eligible to receive Beer.eth merch

What are NFTs?

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are unique digital assets that are secured and contained on the blockchain. The blockchain verifies ownership, provenance, and transaction history.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a system of recording information in a way that makes it difficult or nearly impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system. A blockchain is essentially a digital ledger of transactions that is duplicated and distributed across the entire network of computer systems on the blockchain.

What is a “wallet”?

Your crypto wallet is where you can view your cryptocurrency assets and transactions, all in one place. It’s also where you confirm any transactions in process. Different wallets have different features. For example, some allow you to view NFTs from a smartphone. Popular wallets include Coinbase and Metamask.

What is ‘Gas’ or minting fees?

The blockchain depends on processing power provided by a decentralized network of computers. Minting fees, often called “gas fees” are what the members of this network earn in return for the processing power they provide. Gas fees can fluctuate according to the amount of traffic on the blockchain at any given moment but cannot be avoided. For the Budweiser Royalty collection, the $499 token purchase price includes gas fees. Additional minting fees will not be charged.

What makes an NFT different from other kinds of digital art?

When you collect an NFT, your artwork has a public record on the blockchain it was created on. This makes provenance public and verifiable and permits for instantaneous transactions on the secondary market.

What Can I Do with my NFTs?

These NFTs can be collected. Budweiser NFTs are created for a 21+ (or legal drinking age) audience and do not include commercial rights.

How can I pay for my NFTs?

In the United States, NFTs can be bought with a credit card, just like any other online purchase. In both the United States and certain countries in the EU and the UK, they can be purchased with cryptocurrencies ETH or Bitcoin via Coinbase Commerce.

How can I get ETH (Ether)?

First, you must purchase Ethereum (ETH) through an online exchange. We recommend using Coinbase. Once you have purchased ETH, you will need to have it in your coinbase.com wallet in order to buy an NFT token.

Please note there are limits on the amounts of ETH you can buy and sell based on your account and the platform you’re using to purchase ETH. There are also time delays from when you buy your ETH to when you can transfer it to your wallet to make NFT purchases. Most platforms require you to hold the money in your wallet before you can transfer it to use for purchases.

How Can I Protect my NFTs?

Your digital wallet will come with a 12-24 word ‘seed phrase’ that acts as the password to your wallet. Never, ever share this seed phrase with anyone. We also recommend keeping a written, physical copy of your seed phrase for access offline. If another person gains access to your seed phrase they can take control of your wallet and everything it contains.

Where is my NFT collection?

You can view your NFTs directly in your wallet, either on a smartphone or desktop computer.

You may use digital marketplaces that aggregate digital collectibles and NFTs. Popular examples include opensea.io and etherscan.io.

How Long Until I Receive my NFT?

Depending on the amount of transactions pending on the blockchain, it can take up to 48 hours for the NFT to land in your wallet. This is totally normal. Thank you for being patient!.

Once you complete your transaction you will receive an email with instructions on how to receive your NFT. That email will take you to a page where you will enter your wallet address. Once that information is submitted the command to mint the NFT will be sent to the blockchain. If gas fees are unusually high, your NFT minting will be put in a queue and will be processed once gas fees drop below $150.

What is the Primary Market?

Primary Market or Primary Sales are the first time an NFT is sold. This can either be a purchase from the NFT creator or an NFT that is minted on purchase.

What is the Secondary Market?

“Secondary market” refers to all NFT sales that occur after the initial NFT purchase. The most popular secondary marketplace to buy NFTs include OpenSea.io

What are you doing about the environmental impact of your NFT collection?

We have partnered with a carbon footprint tracking company to track our carbon impact, with a goal to be 100% climate neutral for all NFT projects launched in 2022 and going forward.

Can NFTs be returned and buyers refunded after purchasing?

NFT sales are final and returns or refunds will not be offered after purchase. Those interested in purchasing a Budweiser NFT can review sales terms and conditions at ab-inbev.com/nftterms.